Baku Energy Forum - Baku to host 1st IAEE Eurasian conference

Baku to host 1st IAEE Eurasian conference


The 1st IAEE Eurasian Conference will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan between 28 and 31 August 2016, and will focus on energy economic issues of the Caspian region.

Oil and gas producing countries in the Caspian region have experienced rapid economic growth over the last decade under high energy prices, while they are suffering today from cheap oil. Does the Caspian region have the potential to become an important energy supplier for European and global markets under reduced prices? What are the oil & gas price dynamics and expectations? What is the economics of unlocking the rich oil and gas reserves of the Caspian region? What are the diffusion prospects for alternative and renewable energy projects under low energy prices in the region? How can regional energy security be assured? Answers to these questions and many others will be sought in Baku under many exciting sessions featuring lively discussions with renowned international speakers.

With its informal social functions, the conference will provide a unique opportunity for networking and enhancing communication amongst energy professionals from business, government, academia and other circles worldwide.