Baku Energy Forum - SOCAR to open some gas skids in Ukraine in 2017

SOCAR to open some gas skids in Ukraine in 2017


SOCAR Energy Ukraine, a subsidiary of Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR, plans to open about 8-10 gas skids at its gas filling complexes in 2017, Ukrainian media outlets cited the company’s Director for Retail Trade Igor Orlov.

“We are very actively developing the gas area. We opened six new facilities last year and in 2017, we plan to open 8-10 facilities at the existing gas filling complexes,” Orlov said in an interview with the business newspaper ‘Delo.’

The company’s Director for Wholesale Trade Andrei Bychkov said his company sells the Polish, Belarusian and Russian resource, adding that at times, wholesale trade is 4-6 times larger than retail trade.

“As of today, retail gas sales account for about 15 percent of total sales,” he added.

Bychkov has earlier said that SOCAR Energy Ukraine plans to enter the fuel market of neighboring Moldova, adding that the company also has plans to step up trade in Ukraine’s agricultural regions and use three additional oil tank farms.

SOCAR Ukraine was opened in 2008 and manages a network of 60 SOCAR filling stations in Ukraine.