Baku Energy Forum - SOCAR-AQS completes drilling of new offshore well

SOCAR-AQS completes drilling of new offshore well


SOCAR-AQS has successfully completed the works on construction of well #317 with target depth of 2,850 m on the Guneshli field, without any incidents and without harming the environment.

The company reported that it carries out well construction works from Platform 7 with simultaneously operating drilling rigs of different types.

With Hong Hua ZJ 70/4500 DZ, SOCAR-AQS has already successfully drilled and delivered to the customer Wells 316, 318 and 317. Besides, the company continues to drill the first well- Well # 29 form Platform 7 with a new-generation drilling rig – Bentec 3000 HP.  

The Customer of drilling works is Azneft Production Unit.

SOCAR-AQS LLC was established as an integrated drilling and well services management company between SOCAR and Absheron Drilling Company in 2007.

Currently, SOCAR-AQS implements works on drilling the wells from fixed platforms 7 and 11 located on Shallow Water Gunashli Field, fixed platform 20 on the West Absheron fixed platform 1 located on Umid Field and from fixed platform 6 located on the Bulla Field.

The company is a contractor member of IADC since 2009. SOCAR-AQS has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 international standards for Provision of Integrated Offshore Oil & Gas Drilling and Well Services; Casing Running Services and BOP and Wellhead Equipment Repairing and Testing Services.

SOCAR-AQS is conducting the work on obtaining, in the near future, of the certificate based on the requirements of API Spec Q2.