Baku Energy Forum - We are ready for joint implementation of world-class projects!

We are ready for joint implementation of world-class projects!



Dilmurod Sharipov, Chairman of the Board, “Ozlitineftegas”

- We are very pleased with the organization of the conference! Our company has already participated in the forum, but this year we are also exhibiting with a stand and are presenting our activities, meanwhile informing about our products. This is exactly what our chairman Alisher Sultanov talked about in details at the conference. His report lists the opportunities that the government of our country provides to foreign investors in doing business in Uzbekistan.

Participation at the conference of representatives of many foreign companies confirms the development of the energy industry around the world. The presence of our delegation serves as a basis for attracting foreign investors. Today we are implementing many large projects related to the advanced processing of hydrocarbon raw materials. The government of our country has set tasks to deepen processing in order to obtain highly liquid export oriented products. They are also aimed at increasing the range of products through localization. This program has been going on for about 15 years already.

The conference touched upon interesting topics: gas consumption, oil production and processing, and energy strategy. And all of them are interesting for us because we also want to participate in the implementation of these projects, working together with other countries. In this regard, I should speak highly of the role of the conference because many tasks are implemented much better and faster thanks to direct, live communication.