Baku Energy Forum - Partnership with the European market is expanding!

Partnership with the European market is expanding!



George Vashakmadze, Adviser to the Prime Minister of Georgia

- I am glad that the conference continues its work and should note its exceptionally positive role in the development of Azerbaijan and the region as a whole. Once in Georgia, such an event was also held, and I hope that soon it will resume.

We see the potential of relevant projects, including the Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline, passing through Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and then to Europe. My speech on the first day of the conference was devoted to the implementation of this project aimed at supplying Turkmen gas to the European market via the South Caucasus pipeline.

The speeches of other delegates and topics of the conference confirmed us that the Shah Deniz 2 project is being implemented as planned, and Azerbaijani gas will reach consumers without delay, that Azerbaijan's potential is huge and it needs to be developed and that the country shows interest in developing cooperation in the region. Most importantly, partnership with the European market is expanding, and the interest of Europe in the Caspian gas is not weakening.