Baku Energy Forum - Development of Human Resource

Development of Human Resource



Karim Osseiran, SPC BoD and Global Head for Training Services, Petrofac

- This annual oil and gas exhibition and conference is an extremely important event for the Caucasus region, in which key decision-makers concerning the market as a whole take part. Among them is the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, SOCAR.

It is very interesting for me to take part in this prestigious forum. My speech is mainly focused on the use of digital processes and technologies for the development of human resources, including engineers and technicians working in the oil and gas industry. A special place in the speech will be given to e-learning.

Note that the agenda has been drawn up at a very high level, covering almost all issues that are of great interest to the oil and gas players. Today, the situation with the market prices improving, which facilitates the return of investors, while mainstreaming the oil sector.