Baku Energy Forum - Cybersecurity: topical issues

Cybersecurity: topical issues



Georgy Shebuldaev, Head of Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity Business Development

- We are visiting this conference for the first time. When we learned that the level of the event, including the list of delegates is unprecedentedly high, we decided to participate in this forum. Moreover, immediately found in the program of the event the intersection of the topics that are urgent for us.

At the conference, we present Kaspersky Lab’s services for the protection of industrial infrastructures. There is a lot of talk about new approaches to digital transformation in the oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, now the use of modern IT technologies in the industry outstrips the pace of improving cybersecurity in these structures. 15-20 years ago, oil refining management structures were isolated from corporate IT infrastructures. Now this is not the same; the line between them is erased.

At Kaspersky Lab we constantly fix hundreds of thousands of cyberattacks on our customers. Most often they are not aimed at harming. One of the reasons for the large number of infections is low awareness of personnel working with cybersecurity management systems. Therefore it is necessary not only to introduce new protective products, but also to work actively with personnel, conduct trainings, build cross-functional staff interaction on cybersecurity and specialists engaged in automated control systems.

In my report, I touch upon the relevance of this topic, and the proposals of Kaspersky Lab on this issue.