Baku Energy Forum - The most important signs of the oil & gas forum

The most important signs of the oil & gas forum




- We are attending a very interesting and high-level conference! I am impressed by the level of the speakers, as well as the delegates of the event. It is important for us all to remember that Baku is the center of the oil and gas industry in terms of production. The largest players of the market, for example, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan, are present here, which increases the country's importance in this sphere.

There are several topics on the agenda that are important for us. The conference talks a lot about the prospects of the oil and gas industry, as well as the future of Azerbaijan as a producer in this industry. Positive forecasts are affected by the launch of the Southern Gas Corridor, which is very important for us. This event is widely discussed in the framework of the conference. I believe that this event opens new prospects for the country.

The oil and gas conference is important in terms of meeting with people who make important decisions that affect the whole industry in general. At the same time, the forum opens real prospects, emphasizes the achieved successes and opportunities formed by the market. In addition, we have the opportunity to obtain reliable information about the plans of major global companies. And this circumstance, I think, is approved by all participants of the event.