Baku Energy Forum - Europe seeks to find a common language with Azerbaijan

Europe seeks to find a common language with Azerbaijan



Matthew Bryza, Executive Director at Lamor Corporation

- I have participated in about twenty Caspian Oil & Gas conferences. But the last four years I worked at the White House in Washington and had no opportunity to go abroad.  Baku now has an atmosphere of a modern metropolis. If I may say so, I feel that Azerbaijan has come to Europe.

In general, Azerbaijan now plays a strategic role, and Europeans understand this very well. The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is the biggest investor in Turkey; it is a very important point. Therefore, Europe has now changed its strategic view of Azerbaijan. The European Parliament is increasingly trying to find a common language with Azerbaijan, criticism has diminished. All this is reflected in the conference. Against the backdrop of discussions on the strategic importance of the Southern Gas Corridor, negotiations and discussions on technologies are underway, to the development of which Azerbaijan can contribute. Your country may become a so-called Research and Development Centre; that is, an investor in studies of the development of promising industries. My speech is devoted to this subject, that is, the development of technology and environmental issues.