Baku Energy Forum - Interactivity is an important aspect of the forum

Interactivity is an important aspect of the forum



Dmitriy Solovyev, CEO of Cross Caspian

The current forum is one of the key events of the region in the oil and gas industry. Therefore, our representatives have been participating in it for many years. Along with the exhibition, this event allows you to track the main trends in the industry. And at the same time it is a time of useful meetings and business negotiations. Conference reports are quite interesting. I would mention the information that was voiced by the State Oil Company regarding the development of pipelines. Since this is one of the main elements forming the oil and gas market in the Caspian Sea. As is always, the conference is organised at a high level. But it seems to me that interactivity should be an important aspect for the event. In addition, it would be nice to consider the possibility of expanding the event by combining several industry conferences that intersect with the oil and gas industry.