Baku Energy Forum - First export of Azerbaijani top quality carbamide

First export of Azerbaijani top quality carbamide


The first shipments of Azerbaijani carbamide in bulk from the SOCAR Carbamide plant began on May 25, 2019. Report informs, carbamide is loaded into tip-trucks at the SOCAR Carbamide plant and transported to the Hovsan international sea port for further transshipment.

On June 5, two vessels “Phobus” (00:50) and “Coral” (02:55) left the port with the first Azerbaijani carbamide for export.

The management of SOCAR Marketing and Operations, together with the Caspian EPC Company, are the authors of the idea of a transportation project, and also regulate and control the supply chain processes from beginning to end.

The buyer of the first carbamide is Integral Petroleum. Trading and logistics company Integral Petroleum was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 2008. Currently, it is active in the markets of the Caucasus-Caspian region, Central Asia and Central America.

Moreover, transportation project involved Global Transport Partners Company, the operator of the Hovsan international sea port, SGS, which is a survey company between SOCAR and Integral Petroleum, 166 Yykdasinma ve Logistika, which provided tip-trucks for uninterrupted transportation and transhipping of carbamide. The Integral Petroleum expressed gratitude in a letter to all the project participants and noted the high quality of Azerbaijani carbamide.

SOCAR Carbamide plant was commissioned on January 16, 2019, built on the territory of Sumgayit chemical industrial park. The plant is capable of producing 650-660 thousand tons of carbamide products. About 70 percent of the production is provided for export, which will allow the country to receive additional income of up to $ 160 million annually. The SOCAR carbamide plant is currently the largest project in the country, implemented in the non-oil sector, its total cost is about 800 million euros.