Baku Energy Forum - Prospects for joint oil and gas forums

Prospects for joint oil and gas forums



Igor Lyashkov, representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (chemical industry department)

- We came to Baku to see how the Caspian Oil & Gas exhibition and conference are taking place, because we want to hold joint events (exhibitions, conferences) on oil and gas with Iteca Caspian in 2020. The impressions on the current event are positive, we believe that the Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference in Baku is well organised; we could not only listen to speeches and stands, but also to arrange B2B meetings through a special application on smartphones.

The topic of the conference was interesting for us. We wanted to clarify whether the experience of Russian enterprises in processing high value-added products and attracting foreign partners to this process will be interesting for the Azerbaijani side. This process in the Russian Federation is supported by the state (subsidized, various benefits are provided). Perhaps in Azerbaijan there are also interesting mechanisms for attracting investors, which we could adopt. In this regard, the visit to Baku for the Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference was very useful.