Baku Energy Forum - SOCAR increases number of filling stations

SOCAR increases number of filling stations


Azerbaijan’s SOCAR Petroleum CJSC has commissioned four more filling stations of compressed natural gas (CNG) in the country in accordance with the plan for the development of the network of filling stations.

CNG is currently the most affordable fuel market in terms of cost and security. Given that CNG is the most eco-friendly fuel on the market, SOCAR is intensifying its sales, SOCAR Petroleum reported.

The new filling stations are located in the Khazar district on the 70th kilometer of the Baku-Salyan highway, as well as on the 28th kilometer of the Baku-Guba highway and in the Khatai district.

After the opening of the new filling station, the number of SOCAR’s CNG filling stations has reached to nine. According to the development plan, 12 more CNG stations are planned to be commissioned in the near future, increasing the number of stations to 21.

The retail price for CNG is 0.45 manats (26 cents) per cubic meter, which is approximately equivalent to one liter of gasoline. Compared to RON-92 gasoline, this fuel makes it possible to save 135 manats ($79) per 3,000 meters. For cars running on Ai-95 gasoline, 315 manats ($185) may be saved.

While comparing other types of fuel, natural gas emits 70-90 percent less nitrogen, 60-70 percent less carbon monoxide and 20-30 percent less carbon dioxide.

When burning natural gas, there are no sulfur oxide emissions, which, in turn, prevent the wear of metal surfaces of the engine. Thus, the quality of the fuel allows extending the life of internal combustion engines. The CNG deficit is not expected to occur in the future due to an increase in gas production in the country since 2018.

CNG has been used in public transport in Azerbaijan since 2015 and it has been sold through a retail network of filling stations since 2018. One of the main users of CNG in Azerbaijan is BakuBus LLC.

SOCAR Petroleum was established in January 2008. The company is engaged in the retail trade of petroleum products, expanding the network of filling stations under the SOCAR brand. The company opened its first filling station in Azerbaijan back in May 2010.

The company provides its consumers with six types of fuel: AI-95 Premium gasoline that meets environmental standards Euro-4, AI -92 (Euro-2), AI -98 Super (Euro-5), as well as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and diesel fuel. SOCAR Petroleum started retailing CNG in July 2018.