Baku Energy Forum - SOCAR-UNDP NAMA program is great contribution to fulfillment of Paris agreement

SOCAR-UNDP NAMA program is great contribution to fulfillment of Paris agreement


Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) country office in Azerbaijan are successfully implementing the project on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) for low-carbon end-use sectors of the country.

The NAMA project, an agreement on which was signed in February of 2015, includes three components: 1) SOCAR’s Green Building Program; 2) Sustainable Transport at SOCAR; 3) SOCAR’s Associated Gas Program.

SOCAR told Trend that the company has carried out a series of activities on each component of the project.

In particular, as part of the Associated Gas Program, Zaghli-Zeyve field of SOCAR’s Siyazanneft Oil and Gas Production Unit was chosen as a pilot area, where joint work was carried out for collecting associated gas, said the company.

“Instrumental measurement work was carried out in 63 wells on Zaghli-Zeyve area as part of the project. Samples of associated gas were taken from 20 wells and were analyzed for associated gas content. New compressor and separator equipment, cooling systems and online control systems have been installed at three gas collecting points in the area, and a 32 km gas pipeline has been laid there. Opening ceremony of compressor stations for collecting associated gas on the area of Zaghli-Zeyve field was held on September 23,” said the company.

SOCAR said that as a result of implementation of the project, it is planned to collect 6.8 million cubic meters of associated gas.

“What makes the project special, is that after being processed, the associated gas will be used to meet the population’s demand. The project supports the use of energy-saving and low-emission technologies in the country,” said the company.

SOCAR said that all these measures will be a great contribution to the fulfillment of Paris Agreement and in general, to ensuring the country’s sustainable development.