Baku Energy Forum - SGC advisory board to raise awareness of project's role in Europe's energy security

SGC advisory board to raise awareness of project's role in Europe's energy security



The Advisory Council of the Southern Gas Corridor has made an important contribution to the implementation of the SCG project. Bulgarian Energy Minister Alexander Nikolov said in an interview with Report.

"I believe this meeting of the Southern Gas Corridor Advisory Board will raise awareness of the project's role in the energy transition and energy security of Europe. It provides an excellent tribune to address current energy security issues and exchange views on common efforts to achieve sustainable development while maintaining energy security," he noted, adding that the role of the Council is also to provide a platform for discussing the possibilities of expanding the Southern Gas Corridor in order to deliver gas to new consumers, including in the Western Balkans.

He also noted that natural gas from the Caspian Sea will facilitate the transition to green technologies and provide climate-resilient pathways to cleaner fuels in transition regions.

"SGC has a positive impact on the development of European energy systems, as it leads to an increase in the diversification of sources of natural gas supplies from the Caspian region. For Bulgaria, this has an immediate effect, as it will turn the country and its gas transmission system into an important part of the infrastructure for gas supplies from alternative sources for the entire region of Central and South-Eastern Europe," Minister Nikolov said.

On February 4, Baku will host the VIII meeting of ministers within the framework of the Consultative Council of the Southern Gas Corridor.