Baku Energy Forum - A new era of energy transformation

A new era of energy transformation



Stig Aatland, Country manager for Azerbaijan, Equinor

As always, when events of this kind are organised, especially after the extended pause that we have experienced, many organisational issues are bound to be a challenge. However, the organisation and the general mood of the audience are really good, and the professional level of speakers is very high, there is a lot of useful information and presentations.

Events like this make a huge difference, given that we've all been on the sidelines for two to three years. Meeting people face to face, working together, all this is the key to success, especially now that we are entering a new era of energy transformation - an era of energy transition, when we need to build new relationships, find new investors, etc. This is of great importance now, and the importance will only increase in the future.

The forum provides an opportunity mainly to hear the views of relevant stakeholders, and it is my job as a leader to ensure that the company navigates safely in this direction. As a representative of Equinor, it is important for me to understand how to proceed in order to navigate the company I lead in this new world.