Baku Energy Forum - Growth of international interest in Azerbaijan

Growth of international interest in Azerbaijan



Azer Isaev, Director of the Azerbaijan company Caspian Pipe Coating LLC

Our company took part in all oil and gas exhibitions and conferences in Baku, and we are happy, after the pandemic,  again to participate in negotiations on issues of interest to us in the format of live communication.

Such forums present an excellent platform for the development and expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation with the government agencies, as well as with local and foreign companies.

Baku Energy Week-2022 brought together companies from all over the world, which shows the growing interest in Azerbaijan.

And this means that there will be new projects, new job opportunities and successful economic development.

Our company has experience of cooperation with BP and SOCAR, won the tenders of these companies. Thus, we are insulating pipes under  the Central East Azeri (ACE) project for BP, and for SOCAR we are insulating and concreting pipes as part of the project of increasing gas production from the Umid-Babek field.

Such experience can be useful in other projects, and we hope that the revival of business activity in the world after the COVID-19 will have a positive impact on the activities of our company.