Baku Energy Forum - a source of inspiration for finding solutions in the energy sector

Baku Energy Forum - a source of inspiration for finding solutions in the energy sector

5 june 2024 0000

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The Baku Energy Forum 2024 will feature two speakers from the company – Johannes Truby and Elif Dusmez Tek. Each of them will touch upon different topics in their speeches. Johannes Truby during his presentation at Baku Energy Forum will talk about the challenges and opportunities for the Caspian region in the emerging low-carbon hydrogen trade. “The Caspian region has excellent potential to become an exporter of low-carbon hydrogen to Europe but there is still some important homework to do before the region can fully leverage its strengths”.

Elif Dusmez Tek would like to talk about why digitalization is a “must-have” for the energy transition to happen. “Energy transition is a critical component to achieve climate change targets. Integration of renewable energy and increased electrification imposes difficulties in electricity grid management. Without digitalization and especially AI, it will not be possible to manage the power grid of the future. During my presentation, I would like to highlight the fact that energy companies shall transform to technology companies in the “future of energy” world”.

Both speakers expressed their views on the role of the Baku Energy Forum and its potential impact on the development of the oil and gas industry. Johannes Truby – “The Baku Energy Forum brings together energy and climate stakeholders from the Caspian region and from all over the world. As such it is an ideal opportunity to foster international cooperation and raise awareness for the specificities of the Caspian region ahead of COP-29”.

Elif Dusmez Tek – “At Baku Energy Forum there will be subject matter experts globally discussing topics in energy industry from different local perspectives and different points of view. Bringing together different perspectives will be source of inspiration to find sustainable solutions to both global and local issues in the energy industry”.