Baku Energy Forum: Issues of Global Energy Security

Baku Energy Forum: Issues of Global Energy Security

2 June 2023 0000

On 2 Jun2 2023, the Baku Energy Forum, an event that brought together over six hundred delegates from the world over, completed its work in Baku Convention Center. The top gathering in the energy sector was dedicated to the issues of relevance for both the Caspian region and the wider European community.

The Forum saw discussions revolving around such topics as new challenges in the transition period, including global energy security and the role of Azerbaijan's energy sector in the European energy security and balance.

The round table dedicated to scenarios of the new energy order reviewed such topics as the global energy transition process, ways to facilitate it in conditions of energy crisis etc.

Besides, the focus was on Caspian renewable energy sources and their potential, possibilities of use, development of renewable energy infrastructure, and delivery of green energy projects.

The delegates actively shared their positions on all relevant issues and critical topics pertaining to ecology and its impact on the movement for our planet's health.

An effective addition to the main agenda was the program Zero Waste that aims to preclude the generation of any types of waste. By the way, Baku Convention Center was built in an environmentally friendly way; centralized solar panels generate electricity and ultimately drive down energy costs of the facility.

Talking to journalists, all the participants lauded its format and expressed their gratitude to the organizers for the flawless execution.

Boston Consulting Group was the intellectual partner at the Baku Energy Forum. Baku Energy Week is created and managed by Iteca Caspian and Caspian Event Organisers jointly with their international partners, ICA Events and CEM FZ LLC.