Energy transition is progressing but not at the needed speed and scale

Energy transition is progressing but not at the needed speed and scale

7 june 2024 0000
First of all, it is not the first that I come here for the Energy Week. I think it is a format that may give you the possibility to meet and engage with government representatives and private sector stakeholders, so, it is worth to spend two days here, present your highlights, but also listen to others and learn, get a chance to hold bilateral meetings which will also make efficient use of the time. So, this kind of conferences and this Forum in this region in particular is particularly relevant.
Regarding the key message I delivered in my speech, the energy transition is already in place and is progressing but not at the speed and the scale that is needed to be current with the achievement of Paris Agreement goals. That is the main message that I am sending almost everywhere.
This Forum is important because we have learned about this new contract on renewables with UAE – 1 gigawatt (1GW) of clean energy – and we have also learned the targets that the government has for increasing the share of renewables in the energy system. So, this event is a good occasion for people to come up with new commitments and especially for Azerbaijan because it is going to chair COP29. I think, it is important that they also show the clear intention to go faster towards renewables.
Such forums inevitably make a contribution – we have to keep the momentum, to keep going on, leaning from new experience. Last year’s Forum was very good, this year’s event is special for this announcement. It is a good occasion for having an exchange not only in meeting rooms, but also outside it with bilateral meetings as a way to listen to each other and find ways to cooperate. 
Francesco La Camera
Director General
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)