SOCAR AQS introduces advanced technology in Azerbaijan

SOCAR AQS introduces advanced technology in Azerbaijan

7 February 2023 0000
We are pleased to announce that SOCAR AQS, integrated drilling and well services management company, for the first time in the company’s history, has introduced a modern drilling rig of the international manufacturer to perform onshore drilling services in Azerbaijan.
This follows SOCAR AQS’ years of experience and practice in applying novel technologies and new management methods to meet its customers’ challenging projects and operations, inside and outside the country.
The implementation of onshore drilling operations is of great importance for the energy sector and economy of Azerbaijan. With the help of this rig, it is possible to extract residual oil and gas reserves in fields that have been in operation for a long time by drilling additional wells. Also, the drilling of exploration and development wells in understudied areas will be more favourable from the geological point of view.
Samir Mollayev, General Director of SOCAR AQS said: "The introduction of these new methods and technologies in the drilling industry will have a positive effect on the drilling of wells with large declinations, core sampling and analysis, conducting geological and geophysical surveys and the development model of the field. This, consequently, will contribute to the increase of oil production".
With 15 years of experience in the domain and having drilled more than 140 wells to date, SOCAR AQS is committed to continue the application of innovative approaches in the country's drilling industry, as well as successful the delivery of operations by providing safe and reliable solutions.