SOCAR building first hydrogen filling station in Switzerland

SOCAR building first hydrogen filling station in Switzerland

15 February 2023 0000
SOCAR Energy Switzerland is building the first hydrogen filling station on a Swiss motorway at the Grauholz S?d filling station near Bern.
SOCAR Energy Switzerland reports that construction has already started. The hydrogen filling station is expected to be ready for operation by the end of May.
Edgar Bachman, CEO of SOCAR Energy Switzerland, says that the SOCAR hydrogen filling station Grauholz S?d near Bern will be the first of its kind on a Swiss motorway and the first to be operated by SOCAR:
"With the realisation of the first SOCAR hydrogen filling station in Switzerland, we are making an important contribution to sustainable mobility and thus a contribution to the energy transition."
The Grauholz S?d filling station on the motorway from Bern to Zurich is expected to operate one hydrogen dispenser for cars and one for trucks, with 700 bar and 350 bar, respectively, from the end of May. SOCAR will sell only green hydrogen. The opening ceremony is planned for June.