This conference aligns with our values and vision

This conference aligns with our values and vision

6 june 2024 0000

From our company’s and my personal perspective, there is something special about the transition that Azerbaijan is going through with a focus on renewable energy and developing the region. So, for us as a software provider helping companies make better and safer decisions, it is really interesting to see the progress in this area. The reason we are sponsoring this event is we take choosing partners and conferences quite seriously because we, obviously, cannot be everywhere at once. Therefore we focus on conferences that, firstly, align with our own values and our vision, and secondly, give a podium to people and companies that we respect. We have many customers here and, like I said, this region is really fascinating to us, and the steps that Azerbaijan is taking to improve green energy production is something we very much stand behind.

Regarding the cast of participants at this event, I have to say: the level is incredibly high. I think the conversations are very honest and indeed, at a top level, and I have really enjoyed the discussions so far.

The topics discussed are a combination between how do we support the green energy transition, how do we support sustainable development, but also how do we use technology in a way that can actually support companies and countries to make these better decisions and especially with conversations around AI: everybody wants AI, but companies are still figuring out how to work with AI. So, one of the topics is making sure that we do that in a smart way and support organisations in taking the steps they need to take to implement these new technologies is incredibly important.

The key message I am delivering to this Forum’s audience is that as we transition to a more and more advanced technology innovation we should never forget the people and the human intelligence behind it, so, we should always talk to our staff, talk to our leaders, talk to our people to understand how we can connect human skills with technology.

Yes, I do believe that this event has the capacity to positively influence solution of some pressing issues in the oil and gas industry, because any environment where open conversation is supported between high-ranking officials, whether political or from companies, I think, really helps understand different points of view and come together and I think if you look at where we are going now in the energy sector, we do need to transform and we need to do better, and I feel like the organisations here and the countries here really do understand that.

I go to a lot of conferences and I definitely think this Forum is useful. Hearing the discussions here, I must say that the more we can have these types of discussions, the more we can come together at a high level and talk about where we can go not just as countries but as an entire world together. I think that’s always beneficial and everyone I have spoken to so far is incredibly happy with the engagement they are getting here. I will 100% surely participate in next year’s conference.

Michel Tol

Associate Director

Wolters Kluwer - Enablon