This Forum has the potential to influence policies and business

This Forum has the potential to influence policies and business

6 june 2024 0000

This Forum is interesting to participate in as it is a large international gathering of different stakeholders in terms of policy-making and in terms of business. So, it is a huge event that brings together people from all over the world. To my understanding it is a regional conference, so, it definitely has the potential to influence policies and business, so, it is a good momentum, so to say, to gather every year and discuss these issues.

The key topics of discussion at the first session were the need for secure supply and the partnership between the European Union and Azerbaijan that we can build upon and deepen. It was a good session.

The topics that interest me are on how overall energy policy and energy projects contribute to the common goal of climate neutral planet and how this can also contribute to secure energy supply of different partners, different regions, different continents.

I would definitely welcome broadening of topics to be discussed in the future forums. The world is changing very fast and, perhaps, in this kind of largest regional forums we need to discuss not only energy security, but also climate issues. So, this is something this Forum could work towards.

Tina Seršen

Deputy Minister of the Environment, Climate and Energy of the Republic of Slovenia