“Zero Waste” program to be implemented within Baku Energy Week

“Zero Waste” program to be implemented within Baku Energy Week

17 april 2023 0000
On June 1-2, the 28th Baku Energy Forum will be held in Azerbaijan as part of the traditional Baku Energy Week.

The Baku Energy Forum, a successor of the Caspian Oil and Gas Conference, has become an important platform for energy sector discussion over the years. More than 600 representatives will participate in the Forum to be organized in the Baku Convention Center. The list of participants will include companies from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, China, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Türkiye, UAE, UK, Ukraine, USA and Uzbekistan.

This year's event will focus on global energy conditions and global energy security during the transition period, the renewable energy potential of the Caspian region and other topics. Throughout the event sessions, "Zero Waste" program, net zero emission, and green hydrogen topics will also be discussed.

In recent times, the many environmental problems confronting our planet and the dangers posed by these issues have sparked global debate. The "Zero Waste" program is considered one of the main solutions to eliminate the global climate crisis.

"Zero Waste" is a set of waste prevention principles that encourage increasing the usability of products and resources through repurposing or reuse.

"Zero Waste" program will be implemented for the first time within the framework of the Baku Energy Forum.

Toward this end, during the Forum, the use of printed media will be kept to a minimum and electronic media will be given preference. In addition, the printing of advertising media for the event will not be used; instead, eco-banners, electronic "rollups," and billboards will be placed in the venue that will host the Forum. In support of the international "Zero Food Waste" initiative, the Forum will adhere to the principle of optimal food utilization.

The Baku Convention Center, host to the event, was constructed using eco-friendly practices. Thus, due to adequate energy accumulation from the solar energy panels installed on the roof of the center, the costs of energy use have been reduced.