The "Zero Waste" program will once again be implemented during Baku Energy Week this year

The "Zero Waste" program will once again be implemented during Baku Energy Week this year

21 may 2024 0000
On June 5 and 6, the 29th Baku Energy Forum will take place as part of the traditional Baku Energy Week held in Azerbaijan.
The Baku Energy Forum serves as a vital discussion platform for spotlighting key directions within the energy sector. Over 600 representatives are anticipated to participate in the forum, scheduled to take place at the Baku Congress Centre. Alongside Azerbaijan, the list of participants will feature companies from the Australia, Bulgaria, China, Great Britain, Hungary, UAE, Algeria, France, Italy, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Türkiye, USA, Japan, Germany, and various other countries.
The main agenda of this year's event will encompass discussions on "International cooperation on energy security and sustainability," "Green Energy and Hydrogen Potential in the Caspian region," "International Gas Supply," and other pertinent topics. In anticipation of COP29, a special session titled "COP29: new challenges and opportunities for Azerbaijan" has been included in the Baku Energy Forum's agenda. Special guests from various countries have been invited to participate in this session as speakers.
In 2023, the "Zero Waste" program was introduced for the first time at the Baku Energy Forum. Regarded as one of the primary solutions in addressing the global climate crisis, the “Zero Waste” program comprises a set of principles aimed at waste prevention, promoting the enhanced usability of products and resources through repurposing or reuse.
In line with the "Zero Waste" principle, the Baku Energy Forum in 2024 will minimize the use of printed media and instead prioritize electronic media. QR codes will be provided for users' convenience, allowing easy access to information about the event program. Additionally, to support the international "Zero Food Waste" initiative, the forum will adopt the principle of optimal food usage. Any surplus food from the events will be donated to animal shelters.
At the Baku Energy Forum 2024, as part of the "Zero Waste" program, all event participans will receive notepads, pens, and wet wipes made from recycled plastic, along with bags crafted from eco-leather.
Within the framework of the Baku Energy Forum, startups "Econotes" and "Ecoleaf", developed by students of the MiniBoss school, will also be presented. The idea behind the startup Econotes is to create a pencil with a seed in the cap. Once the pencil is used, the seed in the cap can be planted to grow a plant. "Ecoleaf" is a notebook that satisfies psychological and environmental needs. Although the pages inside the notebook look ordinary, they are made of plantable paper. After using the notebook, its pages can be planted in the soil, resulting in the growth of plants. Entrepreneurs note that products created in Azerbaijan are made from environmentally friendly materials. These pencils and notebooks will be provided to forum participants.
Furthermore, over the past few years, the printing of advertising materials for the event has been greatly reduced, with electronic roll-ups and billboards now utilized at the forum venue. It's worth noting that the Baku Congress Centre, the venue for the event, was constructed with an ecological concept in mind. Consequently, thanks to the ample energy generated by solar panels installed on the centre’s roof, energy usage costs have been significantly reduced.
The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan supports the events held within the framework of the Baku Energy Week, and the main partner is the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR).
The Baku Energy Forum is organized by the company "Iteca Caspian" in collaboration with their partners "Caspian Event Management" and "ICA Events." Additionally, the events receive active support from the Association of Exhibition Organizers of Azerbaijan (ASTA). The official partners are AzExpoMontage, Caspian Freight Services, Ateshgah Insurance, Hyatt Regency Baku, Ibis Baku City, Radisson Hotel Baku, Lilac and Greenwich Travel Club.