It is commendable that issues such as de-carbonization, increasing green energy, as well as providing affordable and safe energy supply, which have become a global challenge, are high on the agenda of this week's Energy Week dialogue. At the same time, the Baku Energy Forum, while continuing the tradition of the Caspian Oil and Gas Conference which has gained the status of a major event in the energy sector, has expanded its agenda with new energy segments

Brought to life by the oil strategy implemented by National Leader Heydar Aliyev, the very man who had set in motion our development as a nation and ensured our energy independence, this event and international energy cooperation platform has become the annals Azerbaijan’s energy achievements have been written to.

Exhibitions and forums have created ample opportunities to discuss important energy issues in the Caspian region, and in the past years they have successfully carried out the mission of conveying the sustainable achievements of our new energy strategy to the world community.
I believe that Baku Energy Week, which brings together international energy companies and oil-gas and energy experts, will heavily contribute to the discussion of important issues such as global energy security, new opportunities for cooperation, and the regional economic development

Thank to whole Organizer's Team for the invitation to the Baku Energy Week & Forum which is an excellent platform for building network and trust among all participants! I believe that the topics discussed and the level of participants proved the importance of Azerbaidjan in strengthening the energy security of Europe.

I'm confident that the ties we made during the Baku Energy Forum will result in long-term cooperation between our countries for the benefit of our nations.
Thank you for the excellent organization and for the hospitality


I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent organisation of Baku Energy Forum. I was able to visit the exhibition as well. I would like to note the excellent infrastructure of the pavilions, as well as the spectacular opening ceremony, where we had the honour to listen to the President of Azerbaijan.
For the EC, the ongoing forum is of great importance, because at present we want to diversify our energy sources, and Azerbaijan is one of the key partners in this matter

The organization of the event is very good. I have attended many conferences and forums, so I have many things to compare. The Baku Energy Forum is certainly not an ordinary event! This event left a great impression on me.

Participating in Baku Energy Forum (BEF) has already become a good tradition for us at BCG. It’s great to see BEF gain prominence as a major discussion platform for leaders of the region’s business community.
BCG is an Intellectual Partner of the Forum this year, since its main theme, #energytransition, is one of our priority topics. We wanted to share the best BCG international expertise, and were lucky to bring Pattabi Seshadri, BCG Global Leader of Energy Practice and a member of BCG’s Executive Committee, to Baku for a few very productive days.

This is my first time at the Baku Energy Forum and it seems to me the event causes huge interest as it features fantastic specialists who share critical ideas and thoughts.

The Baku Energy Forum is a fantastic event bringing together business people who make critical decisions.The Forum has been managed at the highest level, we've had great discussions.

It is also my pleasure to highlight how effectively the Baku Energy Forum was managed.They had interesting discussions and touched upon critical issues of status and development across the global energy market.

This is not the first time that I am participating in this event, but every year the level of organization is getting higher and higher. Azerbaijan is the energy center of Transcaucasia, a leader in the field of energy, so it is no coincidence that it serves as the venue for Energy Week.

Assessing the organization of the Baku Energy Forum, I can say that the event is very well organized! An event of such a scale is a great platform to exchange opinions and meet people. That's why it always attracts interest from industry professionals.

Our company has high expectations of the forum; we hope to find new potential partners and customers and discuss global energy trends in order to define how our company can improve our services in the best possible way.
During the event, we listened to many speakers who are renowned specialists in the energy market. The information we acquired as a result is another advantage of the forum, which was created and managed at a high level of quality.

We had high hopes from this event: it was SOCAR, our good partner, who had invited us to the Baku Energy Forum.
We also have close ties to ITECA, and it is thanks to them we participate in the exhibition and forum alike. We have put up our own stand, and we are happy to be a part of this critical event that underpins mutual cooperation between the two countries.