"It is commendable that issues such as de-carbonization, increasing green energy, as well as providing affordable and safe energy supply, which have become a global challenge, are high on the agenda of this week's Energy Week dialogue. At the same time, the Baku Energy Forum, while continuing the tradition of the Caspian Oil and Gas Conference which has gained the status of a major event in the energy sector, has expanded its agenda with new energy segments".

"The Baku Energy Week - the 27th International Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition and the Baku Energy Forum will become a platform for discussing new investment opportunities and cooperation proposals with government representatives, energy companies and experts from around the world. It will further contribute to the development of our countries by paving the way for the continuation of mutually beneficial cooperation with new projects".

"The events organised as part of the Baku Energy Week create an atmosphere of real mutual understanding between all participants and open new horizons for our broad economic ties. The participation of hundreds of attendees in this year’s events serves as a clear indication of the growing interest in our event.

I strongly believe that the Baku Energy Week will contribute to effective cooperation in the context of ongoing energy processes in the world. This event will prove once again that it is an important platform to form new partnerships".

"I am coming to Baku for the third time for negotiations on cooperation. I also took part in the Baku Energy Week opening ceremony and the first day of the Baku Energy Forum as a speaker.

Baku Energy Week is a very important event for us, because we are interested in obtaining hydrocarbons from various sources, including Azerbaijan".


"I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent organisation of Baku Energy Forum. I was able to visit the exhibition as well. I would like to note the excellent infrastructure of the pavilions, as well as the spectacular opening ceremony, where we had the honour to listen to the President of Azerbaijan.
For the EC, the ongoing forum is of great importance, because at present we want to diversify our energy sources, and Azerbaijan is one of the key partners in this matter".

"I can appreciate the organization of this event and would like to note that we are very satisfied, everything is organized perfectly, and everything went smoothly and well. The forum is very important at facilitating communication with ministers from the countries of the region, including minister of Azerbaijan. Today we met with him. From this point of view, we can call our participation in the event fruitful.

I managed to take part in one of the panels, where a very right question was asked: how we are going to meet the future, how will the energy transition be implemented. I think that the topic was carefully thought out and correctly chosen".